The History of Biofa Natural Paints

In the mid-70s the public began to tackle an increasing number of diverse disease patterns, the causes of which were unknown. Many of those affected eventually ended up at neurologists' practices, because orthodox medicine was at a loss as to what to do.


In 1977, the media reported on a chemical accident in Seweso (Italy), where substances were discharged into the air, polluting the soil, plants and last but not least people over a wide area. The people affected complained about similar symptoms to those of the patients of German doctors.


The toxin discharged into the air belonged to the group of chlorinated hydrocarbons and proved to have a very strong toxic effect. In view of the comparable disease patterns it was concluded that various diseases are caused by poisoning which weakens the immune system and may result in its breakdown. Today we speak of allergies if the immune system cannot cope with external influences without malfunctions in the human organism.


Werner Hahn, the founder of Biofa, understood the correlations and asked himself which products might contain these or similar toxins. He examined products with which people came into direct contact. It turned out that these substances were not exactly used sparingly. Paints, cleaning agents and cosmetics proved to contain, besides the substances already known, several belonging to the group of chlorinated phenols. The German "Bund der Holzschutzmittel Geschdigten" (an interest group of those affected by wood preservatives) which was to be founded later confirmed this assumption.


This insight resulted in the concept of three skins. In this concept, the first skin represents the room surface. This is also where future work was to be focused, because these surfaces have a particular effect on the room climate and have an extensive impact on the human organism. Clothing and particularly the cleaning agents used for clothing are regarded as the second skin. The third skin is the human skin, which is highly exposed in dry rooms polluted with harmful substances.


It was obvious that the pollution and damage caused by civilisation required a natural answer in all respects. It was important to offer people ways of protecting themselves from these substances and to contribute to enlightenment in general.

From this came the idea of founding a natural paints company and Biofa GmbH was born.