MI-Free Natural Paints and Woodcare Oils

We are often asked which of our products are free from MI (isothiasolinone) chemicals. These are potentially harmful chemicals found in almost all paints which can cause serious allergic reactions to those sensitive to them. We are very proud that all Biofa products, other than Primasol paint, are free from isothiasolinone chemicals.


Biofa Paints and Woodcare products are used by professionals around the world and are renowned for their outstanding environmental and health credentials. They are available for sale to regional distributors / retailers or for delivery direct from Germany in pallet quantities for project customers.


Biofa Paints are imported to the UK exclusively by GreenSteps Ltd, a family-run company based in Suffolk. See www.greensteps.co.uk for more information.


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Who Imports Biofa Products into the UK?

Meet the team

GreenSteps is responsible for importing Biofa Paints and Woodcare products into the UK. You can find out more about the team here.

Meet the team here


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